Jewellery & Accessories

Shubhanu offers costume jewellery for Bharatanatyam, Kutchipudi, Mohiniattam & Odissi. Our Jewellery section includes Temple Jewellery (Silver based with Gold Polish), Imitation Temple Jewellery - these are mainly worn by Bharatanatyam & Kuchipudi dancers and also occasionally used by Mohiniattam dancers.

Temple Jewellery is also worn as traditional South Indian Bridal Jewellery.

Temple jewellery

Temple jewellery is commonly worn by the Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dancers. Classical and traditional in its appearance, temple jewelries are made of pure silver and adorned with gem stones and for high finishing quality, these are gold plated. In ancient times, these jewelries were made of pure gold with rubies and pearls and were worn by temple dancers also known as Devadasis. The designs we mostly incorporate in temple jewellery are from the temples in South India, which have adorned deities.

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Imitation jewellery

We offer Imitation temple jewellery for Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. Imitation temple jewellery is mostly used by beginners in dance or young children who are not ready to handle original jewellery. Imitation temple jewellery is also used as south Indian bridal jewellery.

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Odissi Jewellery

We offer imitation jewellery set for Odissi. These are made of white metal.

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Mohiniattam Jewellery

We offer imitation jewellery set for Mohiniattam. Jewellery worn for this form is mainly in Golden and some ornaments like Elaka Thaali, Kaasu Maalai are famous.

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We offer accessories like flowers, false hair, nattuvangam, manai kattai, practice sarees, sarees for costumes, Kunjalam or Kuchhellu, ghungroo or ankle bells and much more.

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